What is your social media strategyA social media strategy is vital to the success of your business on the web

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is a tsunami that has changed the way we interact and market our products.

Social Media has been a revolution. (see classic video) Social sites such as FacebookTwitter, Linkedin, Pinterest, Instagram and now Google Plus have transformed our lives personally. For businesses it has provided previously un-imaginable way to communicate with potential and current clients.

Social Media is a communication tool. Businesses must be careful with social media. Its potential as an income generator is still far from convincing, whilst business who embrace the technology to build relationships with their customers reap rewards.

"The power and potential of social media is beyond comprehension. Who would have thought a website called “the Facebook” could have reached 1 billion users"

The massive growth has not always been limited to the big 5. Sites such as Foursquare saw incredible growth but were stumped by Facebook’s check in service. So when you are making a choice about which Social Media Strategy to use, it is important to choose the right platform for your market or industry.

Must have No. 1 – Google Plus

"Having a Google Plus page, will be your best friend in 2013,"

Google are desperate for a piece of the Social Media Pie, and they certainly have it in Google Plus. 500 million accounts, 235 million active users across their G+ network. They are the big achievers in 2012 and will take Facebook directly on in the B2B market in 2013.

GOOGLE OWN SEARCH – DON'T FORGET IT! Whilst there is no definitive proof documented by Google, it is a known fact that Google can use its Search Algorithm to boost the rankings of those who use Google Plus with signals and changes in how they display the search results.

Must have No. 2 - Facebook

"You cannot ignore 1,000,000,000 users, if you do you are crazy. It’s here to stay."

We personally love Facebook so it makes it a little harder when potential clients have not used Facebook or are anti-Facebook. There are very few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from having a Facebook page. Again it’s like anything, you must evaluate if it is appropriate for your business.

Facebook’s reach is enormous, so whilst it continues to have huge growth, “Like’s” as they are referred to are becoming harder to gain. Users “Wall’s” are saturated with offers from more and more businesses, making it harder for you to get your message out there.

Facebook has also introduced its own Algorithm which looks at the engagement of your page by your followers. Those who create conversations, post thought provoking comments and share content that captures its audience, will have their posts shown more regularly.

To create a Facebook Strategy that builds and engages an audience, contact our Gold Coast social marketing team.

It's not all about likes

"Facebook Likes, and Twitter followers are not a measure of success when it comes to Social Media."

So many businesses think that a large twitter following or Facebook fans is a measure of success. It’s not. Customer’s enquiries and sales are still the only true measurement of a successful campaign.

Build Social Media Campaigns around your normal marketing activity. Combine Social Media with interesting content, a search campaign and distribute through multiple channels. Build your database and communicate with email marketing and grow your business on multiple levels.

Always measure the success of any campaign.

Having a Social Media Strategy in 2013 will help your brand to succeed. Call our Gold Coast office today to discuss how Hybrid Web can plan your Social Media Strategy for you.

Social Media

SMS – Social Media Strategy

Boost engagement with your audience

Social Media has boomed and everyone is getting on board. Social Media strategy is vital to consumer engagement.


Facebook Marketing

The biggest social network

Facebook has over 1 billion accounts worldwide and over 10 million Australian users. Facebook builds brand awareness and engagement.


Google Plus Marketing

An essential part of any social media strategy

Google Plus has seen enormous growth in 2013. As it is directly linked to search and the Google Network, Google+ should become part of your strategy.


Twitter Marketing

140 characters of Marketing Genuis

You may only be allowed 140 characters but Twitter is a powerful Social Media Tool.



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