SEO and link building aren't dead, but content-marketing is the future.We love helping SME's to achieve success


If you want to rank at the top of Google you need an SEO and Content Marketing Strategy by Gold Coast based Hybrid Web.

Our Search Engine Optimisation Strategy isn’t just about keywords, or links. It’s about producing content that will naturally receive links through great content and long term planning / strategy.

Search Engines have been around for years, but their importance and the business communities recognition of its importance has grown significantly in the past 2 -3 years. As with most technologies, Australian Businesses have quickly embraced SEO and are quickly following the rest of the world in education on the topic.

"The definition of SEO or Search Engine Optimisation has changed significantly in the past 12 months."

Our creative design team will guide you through the entire process from our Gold Coast location. We respect a company’s branding and the owner’s thoughts. However the data and knowledge of how website elements work in a design should never be ignored. We don’t do things because they look pretty, we do them because they work.

So how do I rank

"The key is to build great content, and build a community that will look to you for advice as an industry leader"

Whilst choosing keywords related to your business and optimising your text is important, it won’t be enough to rank for high traffic keywords in your niche. Link building used to consist of building directory links and article marketing. This led to a ton of content flooding the web that was inaccurate and what could basically be classified as web spam.

Today, it’s about building high quality content that will benefit your end users. Think of content that stirs people, motivates them, makes them sit up and listen. Give them the tools and information that puts you and your business at the top of your niche. Build communities around you through Social Media Marketing to help promote your content.

What should I do

"Planning is the key to a great content strategy. 3, 6, 12 month planning of content and campaigns are important"

Any SEO and Content Marketing strategy needs to be well planned. The divide that exists between marketing teams and SEO Marketers should become obsolete. Devise campaigns that benefit the end user in addition to building links (naturally) for the purpose of Search Engine Rankings.

Campaigns will consist of multiple online initiatives. These should always be built around your website Blog and can include video, Infographics, E-Books, and Case Studies.


"Realistic results should always be the measurement of a successful campaign"

To reach results you need to set realistic targets. If you want to rank for Credit Cards, then you’re going to need a big budget. Be realistic in the keywords you wish to rank for and understand your budget and what it will take to achieve the results you want.

Finally, you are at the mercy of Google. Google will continue to be the leader in search engines and their ability to continually change the industry to suit their needs at the click of their fingers is unwavering.

Having an SEO / Content Marketing Company that can change and be flexible is vital to online success. Call today to discuss how Hybrid Web can plan your Content Marketing and SEO Strategy in 2013.


SEO – Search Engine Optimisation

What is your SEO Strategy?

A SEO Strategy is key to driving traffic to your site. If you don’t rank in Google then you are missing out on enquiries and sales.


Local SEO

Get found in Google with Local Search

If you’re a small or local business you can still rank in Google and drive traffic to your site. Don’t miss the potential of Local SEO.


Content Marketing

Content Marketing strategy is a must in 2013

Stand out from your competitors. Create inspiring content that makes you an authority in your field or niche.



Create engaging Infographics about your service

Infographics are a creative way to make your content stand out from the crowd.



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